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About Alyshia

Hi there, I'm Alyshia.

'Studio Marlo' is my creative hub encompassing my multidisciplinary visual arts practice. 'Marlo' meaning made & rendered with love (for creativity, curiosity & art). I wish I could say I felt like a master of one media but my perpetually inquisitive nature keeps me trying new things. At the moment my practice centres primarily on drawing, painting, collage & ceramics. 

I live on a farm with my husband our two dogs. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by nature every day and find great joy in pottering around the garden, reading a good book, rummaging through an op shop or tending to my indoor plants with a cuppa in hand. My home studio on the farm is full of wild and whimsical characters with their own personalities and stories to tell, as well as work inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature and my personal connection to the the land. I have a deep love for landscape surrounding my home in the Western District of Victoria where I grew up and later returned to pursue a creative life near to my family, in the place I consider 'home'.

Recent studies in Art Therapy enhanced my learning about using my creative practice as a way to quietly contemplate and be mindful of my thoughts, feelings and environment. My love for the natural world and the joyful grounding nature of noticing the smallest of details; particularly in a garden or green space are things I aim to share in my art.

For me, creating things goes hand in hand with being myself. I don't feel like 'me' when I'm not making something. If this sounds like you too, or a part of yourself you would like to explore further, I hope you feel inspired to flex your creative muscles in your own life also. Thanks for stopping by and supporting me in continuing to share my passion. If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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