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About Alyshia


Alyshia McInnes is a Multidisciplinary Visual Artist & Illustrator from the Southern Grampians region of Western Victoria. 

Her practice currently centres on drawing, painting, collage & ceramics. 

Following a short stint as a graphic designer & creative assistant in the city Alyshia made the decision to return to her regional roots and pursue a creative life in the place she considers ‘home’. She finds great inspiration in her day to day life on the farm with her husband and two dogs and loves inventing wild and whimsical characters with personalities and stories to share from her home studio. Her work is also influenced greatly by her deep love of her local landscape & her connection to the natural world. She is an aspiring green thumb and her love of plants, flowers and gardening (shared with generations of women in her family before her) is also woven through her work.

Recent studies in Art Therapy enhanced her learning about using her creative practice to quietly contemplate and be mindful of her thoughts, feelings and environment. Her love for nature and the joyful practice of noticing the smallest of details; particularly in a garden or green space are things she aims to share through her artwork. 

Alyshia has a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Masters of Art Therapy.
She was a finalist in the Southwest Women's International Art Prize in 2016 & 2019.

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